Perhaps you could try not being a wimp

I have zero sympathy for this loser:

Haywood was trying to transfer to the Yellow Line around 7:15 p.m. when the assault happened. He was headed home to Fort Totten after working out at Results on Capitol Hill, a gym bag slung over his shoulder and a book in his hands. As he read with his back to the station wall, “all of a sudden someone whacked me on the back of the head really hard,” he recalls.

Haywood turned around. The boy looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. Baffled, Haywood asked, “What the fuck are you doing?” The boy stood there laughing. Then someone else cracked Haywood from the other side. He turned around again. This time it was the girl in the video above. She didn’t stop swinging for more than a full minute, chasing Haywood around the platform as other kids egged her on.

As seen in the video, Haywood repeatedly asked the girl why she was attacking him, pleading with her to end it. “Stop it! Stop it! Goddamn it! You stop this shit right now! I did nothing to you!”

No wonder the nation is swirling down the drain. Little bastards like this wouldn’t be attacking strangers for kicks if they knew that they’d get their faces shattered in immediate response. Can you imagine Chuck Liddell or any MMA fighter begging a 12-year old boy or girl to stop hitting him? If you’re a man, you simply do not take that from anyone, let alone a child.