Disarm the police!

Clearly this is evidence that police guns are too dangerous to be permitted to the police:

Robert Butler Jr. walked into Millard South High School Wednesday just before 1 p.m. and signed in to speak to Assistant Principal Vicki Kaspar. It was his second visit to Kaspar’s office that day. The first hadn’t been a pleasant one, the 17-year-old senior slapped with a 19-day suspension for taking part in a Jan. 1 incident where a car was driven across a school football field and track at the school. But on this four-minute visit, Butler had a gun. It was a Glock .40, believed to be the service weapon of his father, an Omaha police officer. Butler shot the 58-year-old Kaspar, mortally wounding her, and then fired on Principal Curtis Case. He fired seven shots in all, the last a missed shot at a school custodian, before fleeing the school by car.

What do you want to bet that we don’t see the usual “guns must be banned” blather after this school shooting? The thing that is so stupid about gun control is that the decades of failure of the drug war make it perfectly apparent that all gun bans are going to do is create a very profitable illegal trade in them… and a lot of them are going to be purchased or stolen from the police and the military.