The Wikileaks rape-criers

In Male Fide posts the pictures and identities of Julian Assange’s two accusers, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén.

A few people have sent me the home addresses and phone numbers of Julian Assange’s lying rape accusers. My traffic has ballooned from Googlers seeking info and pictures of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén in the past 48 hours, and my posts are being linked all over the place from sites as diverse as Indymedia and Democratic Underground to Pajamas Media and Stormfront….

These two women are accessories to a great evil, an evil that will continue to perpetuate unless someone stands up and does something. They are arguably evil themselves for trying to destroy a man’s life over their feeeeelings. If there’s a part of me that would feel bad for releasing the info, there’s another part of me that would feel bad for not using my power to fight this evil when I am uniquely positioned to do so.

So, guilt or not, I’m posting the info.

I don’t see why Ferdinand should feel any guilt over making available information that should be available given the criminal accusations. Anyone who accuses someone of rape should be considered a public figure in precisely the same manner that the accused rapist is. Crime is a matter of public record, so if you are not willing to go public when pressing charges you should not be permitted to participate in the judicial system. It is a fundamental aspect of justice that it not be hidden in any way. This is why it is important that women who claim to have been raped are not permitted to hide behind the so-called “rape shield” laws because it is readily apparent they find it far too easy to use it to get away with making false criminal accusations without being held accountable for them in any way.

And since female activists have successfully lobbied to impose some form of restriction of public information regarding activity within the judicial systems of many countries, they leave the public with no choice but to identify secret accusers outside the justice system in order to prevent miscarriages of justice from taking place within it.