Republican Party liars

At least with Obama, you know perfectly well that he wants to turn USA into a quasi-socialist third-world hellhole for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street:

Dobson pulls Grayson endorsement, backs Paul

Just a week after backing Trey Grayson in the Kentucky Senate race, evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson pulled the endorsement, backed Rand Paul and blamed GOP leaders for providing him misleading information about Paul’s record.

“Senior members of the GOP told me Dr. Paul is pro-choice and that he opposes many conservative perspectives, so I endorsed his opponent,” Dobson said. “But now I’ve received further information from OB/GYNs in Kentucky whom I trust, and from interviewing the candidate himself.”

Now, history demonstrates that the Republican Party leadership will happily choose a Democrat over a principled Republican every single time. And often, when a Party “moderate” like Crist or Specter is beaten in a primary, he will run as an independent in order to keep the conservative out. Intelligent observers of these practices may wish to ask themselves if this behavior is keeping with the idea that the party officials always want the party to win.