Edwards, Woods, Obama

If the breaking National Enquirer story about Obama’s purported 2004 affair with Vera Baker, a story now being echoed by the Globe, turns out to be true, it may render the whole state candidate qualification issue irrelevant:

In a story that the National Enquirer has been working on since 2008, the tabloid announced on its website that President Barack Obama spent the night with former aide/fundraiser, Vera Baker in a DC hotel. The Enquirer has been trying to obtain confirmation of the details of the story it started looking into since 2008. Those details have apparently been confirmed.

Coming as it does on the heels of the non-coverage of the John Edwards scandal and the multitudinous affairs of Tiger Woods, it will be very difficult for the mainstream media to keep this one under their hat no matter how desperately they want to protect the Magic Negro. Especially since the international press is already paying attention. Obama’s approval ratings have been on a long death march downward, so in combination with the November Congressional elections, this would likely put his administration into a death spiral. After all, it’s a little difficult to play the sex addiction card and go into rehab for six months when you’re supposed to be in the White House.

Regardless, it is interesting to think about how the Republicans would go about attempting to blow what should be a conclusive electoral advantage. I think nominating Michael Steele, defending Goldman Sachs, launching another pointless invasion, and running hard against Arizona-style immigration restrictions might be effective.