Mailvox: Catkiller’s crusade

I have no idea what Catkiller is going on about here, but if you are one of those freaks who keep sending me things like “I bet 100,000 people like cheetohs better than Dalia Grybauskaitė” on Facebook, this may appeal to you:

Go to and fill out the short form to become a fan. You’ll have to confirm your free account on your email. Then go to our list of songs under “Mindclear”. You can do this by searching or just click on the “charts” link. Our songs are “This Song”, “Nock”, “Killing Your Dream” and “The First Star”. Rate them out of five stars and make a comment if you like. The important thing is the rating. We’re already in the top ten with two songs at the time I’m writing this. If we’re at #1 at the end of the week, Hugh Hewitt will play us on the radio. Maegan will be thrilled. Just one vote is huge, so your vote might be the one that puts us over the top.