Mailvox: saluting WND

JM thinks it’s the right place to write:

As a retired Marine who served in almost every corner of the globe during my two decades, a man who saw the deliberate insidious socialization of our education system before my kids were even in school, and has been expecting the “Manchurian Candidate” since I first read the book, I am rather picky in my choice of news sources….

You could not find a better journal to write for; you obviously are not told what to write or to slant your writing, and most of your peers on board are in the same boat. I don’t always agree with you, but I never have yet found factual reason to dispute you, only opinion-oriented issue. WND is the only place I can go where I can read only fact-based news, or I can wander into the myopia of the liberal side of things and get a feel for what the liars are publishing today.

This is among the first journals I’ve ever had the opportunity to take as a news source that I can expect to find facts, and opinions that are supported by the facts and the events that surround them. Joe Farah has established a new paradigm and someday, he will be noted for it.

Joe always insists that his is not a new paradigm, but rather a return to an old one. Regardless, I admire what he has done even if I would have done it rather differently. And, one must conclude, less successfully. Possibly the best thing about Farah is that he simply does not possess the contempt for the taste of the masses that pervades so much of the media and the intelligentsia.