Mailvox: a truckload of bull

KM appears to be somewhat irked about having fallen for the AGW/CC scam:

Global warming is a truckload of bull!!! I listened to the rhetoric for much too long before consulting my physics books. Carbon dioxide comprises 0.3% of the world’s atmosphere. The world has been warming and cooling for hundreds of thousands of years. No matter what you do to such a small percentage of our atmosphere, the measurable effect will be negligible. Our planet’s temperature is controlled by the sun, when solar radiation increases, more water vapor results in cloud formation, thus cooling the earth. The opposite is also true. When political opportunists grab a small effect and magnify it to major proportions in direct contradiction to what is really happening, it smacks of deception and opportunism – see Al Gore’s Nobel Prize,and the many political aspirants who have profited and had their disingenuous asses elected to powerful political positions “to save the planet”. The Cap and Trade legislation is an example of the exploitation of a mis-interpretation of scientific fact!

Yes, I do think we may be rapidly approaching the previously discussed tipping point for the AGW/CC charade . As with aggregate economic statistics, the experts can only dazzle the public with their pseudo-scientific BS for so long before even the most inobservant individual begins noticing that regardless of how many times the media trumpets the “scientific consensus” for an economic recovery and an overheated planet, he’s got no job, no money, and it’s bloody cold outside.