Black-hearted Dahlia

Yet another reason for men to avoid marrying American women:

Thinking her husband was dead, a 26-year-old newlywed pulled up to her Boynton Beach town home Wednesday morning in apparent panic. She surveyed the crime scene tape and swarming police officers and began to sob hysterically. A good act, police called it. Investigators say she was the one planning his death – and they were a step ahead. The would-be widow was Dalia Dippolito, and since Monday police say an undercover detective posing as a hit man had been planning with her the details of her husband’s demise.

For $6,000, he was to murder Michael Dippolito, 38, Dalia’s husband of six months, police say. “I will be very happy,” she allegedly told the hitman, and laughed at the thought.

Of course, upon reflection, one realizes that this is all the husband’s fault. Why should his petty desire to continue living stand in the way of a woman’s right to happiness? This arrest is really an outrage. It is obviously nothing more than sexist patriarchal oppression for the police to forcibly prevent a woman from leaving an unsatisfactory marriage. And it is total fascism to set up a fake crime scene in order to make a perfectly innocent woman doing nothing more than legally exercising her woman’s right to end her marriage look bad.

Fortunately, the American judicial system is a little more enlightened. Since the penalty for a woman shooting her sleeping husband in the back with a shotgun is three months jail, we can be confident that the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Dippolito will soon be set free with six months probation. Outrageous, to be sure, but every revolution must have martyrs to make the occasional sacrifice.