Don’t worry about it

Men, don’t call yourselves feminists. You’ll regret the consequences.

True, lots of women won’t use the “f-word” because of the negative associations and, arguably, eradicating the “I’m not a feminist, but…” plague among womenfolk is more important than getting the menfolk on board. But for me, personally, if a guy I dated insisted he was not a feminist and refused to identify at all with that label? Well, I’d probably dump him.

This is a hypothetical that really isn’t worth worrying about. First, no man with above-average intelligence who isn’t a gamma male would ever date a feminist in the first place. Second, and probably more important, no man who is attracted to pretty women is even likely to notice a feminist in the first place. One very seldom finds a feminist who rates so much as a 5/10 on the pretty meter. Needless to say, the writer above is no exception. I’m sure all you non-feminist men are shedding tears and committing emotional seppuku at the thought of being forever off this future cat-collector’s list.

If feminists weren’t so disturbingly unattractive to men, they wouldn’t fall so readily for the equalitarian idiocy in the first place. At least, they would require the usual 12-16 years of propaganda that normal women do to obtain even a modicum of mindless equalitarianism. Think about it. What beautiful woman, who has spent her formative years bearing the brunt of instant hatred from most of the girls and women she encounters, is going to give any credibility whatsoever to the basic concept of equality? Equality doesn’t exist in any material, legal, or philosophical sense, and only those who resent the short hand they were dealt see any benefit in propagating the myth.