UKIP in the UK

“Polls ahead of tomorrow’s elections suggest that Labour could be facing the worst drubbing in its history. By some counts the party is even trailing the UK Independence Party in voting intentions for the European Parliament.”
The Daily Telegraph

That’s my recommendation for any British readers voting in tomorrow’s European parliamentary elections. The two most important issues for Britain right now are a) leaving the European Union, and b) ending immigration. Everything else is irrelevant in comparison with those two issues, which threaten the sovereignty and survival of the nation. With the exception of Daniel Hannan, the Tories are pretty much useless, while Labour is unspeakable and the Liberal Democrats are little more than Labour lite.

If there is no UKIP candidate standing, vote BNP. Despite their left-wing economic policies, they’re on the right side of the two most important issues at the moment. Don’t be put off by the hysterical media rhetoric or fooled into supporting Cameron’s Conservatives, they’re nearly as Europhilic as Nu Labour and they’re not going to allow a referendum on the European ConstitutionLisbon Treaty either. The Tories don’t want to change the direction set by Blair and Brown; they offer nothing more than the illusion of change. Fortunately for British voters, the parliamentary system precludes the ridiculous “a vote for a third-party is a vote for the Democrats” argument that so many mathematically challenged Republicans find convincing.