Mailvox: a Freedom alliance

Catkiller! has his doubts:

Which would you say has caused more death, the war on drugs or abortion? Sure, you’re pro-life, but aren’t most libertarians pro-choice? If conservatives and libertarians are ever going to form any kind of working coalition, we’re each going to have to give up something. As a Russell Kirk traditionalist, I have no problem giving up the war on drugs. Now, are you going to tell me the rank and file libertarians are going to drop their pro-choice stance?

Abortion, obviously. As for the Libertarian party, I doubt they’re going to go firmly pro-life anytime soon; if they had any capability for political compromise they probably wouldn’t be card-carrying Libertarians in the first place. But, it’s absolutely necessary for conservatives to give up the War on Drugs and for libertarians to give up the fictitious “right” to abortion if the greater Right is ever to come together. Long-time readers will recall that I once wrote a column recommending precisely such a trade-off.

However, it’s much too late. The third-worlders are already inside the gates and claimed the Cherry Blossom Throne. I declared Game Over some time ago and I’ve seen nothing to convince me to even begin contemplating changing my mind. I don’t know why people seem to have such a hard time understanding that once the rollercoaster passes a certain point, there is no going back. Now, there’s nothing to do except do one’s best to enjoy the ride.