Oh, Sweet Francis

This report of the Vikings’ clock management does exactly not bode well for the Eagles game:

With 36 seconds remaining and the ball on the Giants 30, Adrian Peterson, who would win the NFL rushing title, took a handoff and unadvisedly tried to veer to the outside, losing 2 yards. Time passed. And passed. And passed. That play ended with 29 seconds remaining. The Vikings held one timeout. Childress seemed to freeze as special teams coach Paul Ferraro and running backs coach Eric Bienemy gestured angrily at one another, and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier put his hand on Childress’ back, as if to urge him to action. Jackson gazed at the sideline for the next play, and Childress finally called his last timeout with nine seconds remaining, erasing any realistic chance of running a productive play.

Thank goodness they’re facing Andy Reid, who may actually be a worse game coach than Childress. While Childress very nearly bungled the end of the drive, it must be noted that he did the right thing in burning up the final 3:17 in order to deny the Giants the ball. Still, it makes one long for the stoic decisiveness of Bud Grant.