The end of tolerance

At last, the beginning of the end arrives:

Two weeks ago, the country’s biggest left-wing political grouping, the Labor Party, which has responsibility for integration as a member of the coalition government led by the Christian Democrats, issued a position paper calling for the end of the failed model of Dutch “tolerance.” It came at the same time Nicolas Sarkozy was making a case in France for greater opportunities for minorities that also contained an admission that the French notion of equality “doesn’t work anymore.”

Equality has always been a fraud and the cultural tolerance model based on it is little more than assisted societal suicide. I have several Dutch friends and none of them have much sympathy for the once-famed Dutch tolerance anymore. It’s well past time for Europeans to reject the multicultural charade that began with the short-sighted importation of the “temporary” Turkish Gastarbeitern, because the sooner it is ended and the percentage of the non-national populations is reduced, the less bloodshed there will be in the long run.As I’ve mentioned before, the high tide of secular eutopian ideals has been reached and the pendulum is now swinging back, fortunately before those ideals managed to completely enervate the West. I’m optimistic that the European Union will begin to see secessions in the next ten years, most likely starting with Italy and Britain. However, it’s been Germany that’s been most resistant on the economic front of late, so if they were to pull out, the entire house of cards would tumble almost immediately.