Contemplating iPhone

So, I’m in the market for a smartphone. Any ideas or testimonials? I looked at the Xperia X1, but absolutely hated the cheap little silver buttons, wasn’t impressed with the Panels UI, and I don’t like the idea switching to Windows mobile very much either. The HTC phones were doooogggg-sloooooow. (I swear, after looking at one badly-designed phone interface after another, I’m somewhat tempted to go into phone design.) The main thing for which I use my phone now is to run eReader and the iPhone is sort of cool with that, but I can’t believe there’s no simple way to send your books directly to your phone. I so despise Apple’s damned tech-fascism! No SD card or USB connection? What primitive techno-hell is this? And yes, I know the eReader workaround – upload your books to a server and then download it from the web – but that’s simply unacceptable. The Nokia N95 looks all right, but the screen is too small.

I’ve basically concluded that I should just wait for a great Symbian- or Android-based phone with a tallscreen, but I’m curious to know what others who read a lot on their smartphones think. My willingness to wait for another six-to-nine months is somewhat limited by the fact that my Palm-OS Treo reboots itself about twice an hour, including every third time I change applications.