The irrelevant presidential debate

I will not be watching, of course, but if anyone who is wishes to live-comment the debate for everyone’s benefit, feel free to do so here.

UPDATE- It looks as if McCain just sealed the deal for President Obama. One would think that after nearly getting knocked out of the nomination battle due to his determination to cling to the unpopular immigration amnesty, he would not have been so foolish as to support the incredibly unpopular Wall Street bail-out. Apparently, since that much-hated plan looks like it is failing, McCain decided to prevent every economic conservative from voting for him by upping the socialist ante yet again.

“You know that home values of retirees continues to decline and people are no longer able to afford their mortgage payments. As president of the United States, Alan, I would order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes — at the diminished value of those homes and let people be able to make those — be able to make those payments and stay in their homes.

Is it expensive? Yes. But we all know, my friends, until we stabilize home values in America, we’re never going to start turning around and creating jobs and fixing our economy. And we’ve got to give some trust and confidence back to America.”

If you call yourself a conservative and you vote for McCain, you should be aware of two things. First, you are not a conservative. Second, you are an idiot. As I wrote on Monday, only a vote for McCain is a wasted vote because it’s the only vote that will not provide you what you think you’re going to get. The left-liberal votes for Obama and knows he’ll get socialism and multi-culturalism in one way or another. (The pacifist, on the other hand, will be disappointed.) The third-party voter votes third party and knows he’ll get nothing. The non-voter doesn’t vote and doesn’t get what he isn’t expecting.

The Republican voter, on the other hand, usually votes for conservatism, constitutional judges and small government, but only gets liberalism, activist judges and big government. That’s why it is the Republican vote that is truly the wasted one.