Recognizing excellence in culitura

I normally don’t care a bit about food-writing, but this raconteur could make a review of McDonald’s worth reading:

There is a well-founded belief that the “best restaurant in the world” is the one that all sensible, tasteful, relaxed and modest people would avoid like the Costa Brava.

It would undoubtedly be poncy. Poncy little bits of ponced-up ponce, served on poncy plates in a poncified room, by oleaginous ponces to unmitigated superponces. The whole thing would unquestionably be a poncimonious cluster-ponce…. I must admit, I was reluctant to make the trip to Barcelona for an El Ponci dinner, but the Blonde was very keen, and it turned out to be a salutary lesson in nose-amputating cynicism before experience.

He’s my new hero now that my faith in Congress has been shattered.