Nicolas solves the crisis

He emails to explain that Al Gore has it wrong and that it’s not a green revolution that will solve the liquidity problem:

Actually, the solution to the financial crisis is pixie traps. All the money is getting taken away by these noxious little pixies that creep out in the banks at night and steal all the gold in the vaults!

So what we really need to do is invest in enhanced pixie traps!

We estimate with an investment of only 56 no, *57* mil *BILLION* dollars, we can quickly resolve this damnable pixie problem to our complete and utter satisfaction, and make it an ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT PIXIES WILL NO LONGER CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH THE U.S. FINANCIAL SYSTEM!!!

Yes, indeed — this IS the key to financial solvency in the USA!! More and BETTER PIXIE TRAPS!

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. In fact, I’m frightened. If we don’t do something about these awful pixies THIS VERY WEEK, Heimdall very well may blow his horn!