With friends like these

No wonder Obama is sinking in the polls:

Obama’s offer: an end to US stupidity
This is the hope that Obama offers the world, of an end to stupidity. His name, his ethnicity and his message of conciliation and negotiation promise a new chapter.

So, Obama not only going to roll back the waves, but end human stupidity as well? That’s just, well, stupid! But perhaps, at last, an Obama victory would mean that the USA would finally be a nation of which British socialists could be proud. I’m sure we all know how much that would mean to the average American voter.

I can’t tell you how much I hope the Magic Negro wins. I really can’t, although I want him to win more than the average starry-eyed true believer in HopeChange does. But I can say that should Obama do for the USA what Kwame Kilpatrick has done for Detroit, what Marion Barry did for DC, what Thabo Mbeki has done for South Africa, etc, I really won’t be able to restrain my cruel and mocking laughter.