VPFL 2008 draft today 3 PM central

I still haven’t heard from TheMadItalia (Silver Spooners) or p-dawg (Black Mouth Curs) yet so I’ve gone ahead and created their teams and selected their keepers. I won’t be at the draft, unfortunately, since I’ve got a party to attend. Also, don’t get bent out of shape about the draft order’s failure to switch between rounds three and four as it’s an artifact of Yahoo’s keeper system. The real draft begins at round four; the first three rounds are merely placing everyone’s keepers on their teams. The order is worst to first among the old school, then worst to first among the new school, the entirety snaking from round to round. It’s worked quite well in the past; it’s not as if Nate picking first every year has helped him at all.

If p-dawg and The MadItalia will email me, I’ll install them as co-managers and then remove myself as a manager from the Curs and the Spooners. If they don’t do so within a week, we’ll add two new managers.