The foresight of Solzhenitsyn

The great man identified the soullessness of Western secularism long before it became so readily apparent:

Solzhenitsyn was nothing like anyone had thought, and he went from being the heroic intellectual to a tiresome crank in no time. Solzhenitsyn attacked the idea that the alternative to communism had to be secular, individualist humanism. He had a much different alternative in mind.

Solzhenitsyn saw the basic problem that humanity faced as being rooted in the French Enlightenment and modern science. Both identify the world with nature, and nature with matter. If humans are part of nature, they themselves are material. If humans are material, then what is the realm of God and of spirit? And if there is no room for God and spirituality, then what keeps humans from sinking into bestiality? For Solzhenitsyn, Stalin was impossible without Lenin’s praise of materialism, and Lenin was impossible without the Enlightenment.

Secularists and atheists will deny this, of course, just as their secular liberal predecessors denied the reality of the Soviet horrors. But their denials are transparent and there’s little reason to doubt that when they’re eventually shown to have been completely wrong, they’ll be disavowed as unscientific and No True Atheists by their successors just as they disavow their predecessors.

The inability of the secularist, the liberal, the atheist, and the science fetishist to learn from history is one of the true marvels of humanity. It should come as no surprise that they have so little regard for both tradition and historical evidence alike, as they tend to neither know nor care about history. The neocons, being former Trotskyites, are alarmingly similar in this regard.