Meanwhile, water is still wet

It seems Broadway is gay… there has got to be a book in this for the Littlest Chickenhawk:

MUSICAL theater in New York is being dominated by a certain type of man. He’s in the Public Theater’s revival of “Hair,” which began performances at the Delacorte Theater on Tuesday, and he’s headlining “[title of show]” and “In the Heights.” He’s in recent closures like “Passing Strange” and in soon-to-open work like “Billy Elliot.” Frankly, he’s everywhere. “He” is a lead character defined by vulnerability, confusion and sincerity.

And NYT shareholders wonder why their stock is diving towards zero. No doubt we can look forward to similarly ground-breaking stories about how child-bearing rates are surprisingly low in San Francisco, California and electronic dance pop is popular in Sydney, Austrialia.

I did, however, quite enjoy the reporter’s complete misreading of the socionomic implications of economic hard times. Hard times create hard men, it’s historically been the decadence of wealth and power that produces Peak Gay.