McCain on feminism

Not that McCain, the other McCain:

Like other “progressive” ideologies, feminism is implacable. There is no fixed objective, no ultimate goal. Rather, feminist is rooted in a culture of complaint. It seeks out grievances to protest and, because there will never be a world without grievances, the protesting never ends. As soon as one concession is granted, another will be immediately demanded, and the specifics of the grievance are essentially irrelevant to this process.

You might as well try to negotiate with a hungry shark as to seek to pacify a feminist. They are permanently indignant and perpetually aggrieved. It’s who they are and what they do, their raison d’etre…. Talk about whining! You get a 1,200-word write-up in the New York Freaking Times and then have the effrontery to complain about the placement? Screw you.

Perhaps that should be #6 on the list of how female bloggers can be taken seriously. If, due your homogameticism, you are the subject of a conventional media puff piece about how today’s women are now [insert predominantly male activity here], do not complain about the placement of the story, the accompanying picture or the inevitable factual errors it contains. You may certainly set the record straight on the mistakes, but do so without whining about them as if they are the first inaccuracies about anyone ever printed in a newspaper.

Anyhow, McCain does a nice job of explaining the wisdom of never giving in to the toothless threats of the feminists. The title of his post is also appropriate, albeit for the wrong reasons. Because women are sexually drawn to bad men, ranting on and on about how scary and evil a man is really isn’t the best way to diminish his appeal to them. As PJ O’Rourke once pointed out when accused of being a Nazi, no woman ever fantasized about being ravished by a liberal.