Speaking of football

An interesting interview with Bill Polian:

FO: Your Buffalo and Indianapolis teams are known primarily as offensive powerhouses, but Carolina was built primarily around defense. Did you focus on defense specifically because being an expansion team required a different strategy, or did it just shake out that way because those were the best players available at the time?

Bill Polian: We felt the fastest way to win was via defense. The running game. A sound kicking game. And the development of a young quarterback.

FO: Why did Carolina choose to build a veteran team that could contend immediately, but only for a short period, rather than building slowly with younger talent like Jacksonville, Houston, and Cleveland?

Bill Polian: We had to sell Personal Seat Licenses in the new Carolina stadium and therefore had to win right away.

I find it fascinating how blog interviews are often more interesting and informative than those done by journalists? The problem, I think, is that journalists tend to work towards the same sort of template no matter who they’re interviewing, whereas bloggers tend to focus on areas of particular interest.