Scalzi on Obama’s chances

Apparently it’s hard to resist being the change we have been waiting for:

I think it’s going to be reasonably close through most of the actual campaign. And we all know that the GOP doesn’t mind bringing out the knives. But if this long primary season has showed us anything, it’s that Obama keeps his eye on the prize, and is far harder to knock off target than many of us believed at the start of all of this. I suspect and hope he will be the next President of the United States because of it.

Let’s just say I disagree. I think Obama’s chance at being the next President of the United States is not much better than Scalzi’s or mine. Consider the following:

1. He’s one of the most left-wing Senators in the Senate.

2. He is the most verbally bumbling presidential-level candidate since Dan Quayle. This would be more apparent if the media weren’t so enamored of him; the Republicans won’t let it slide the way Hillary had to.

3. His long-time connections are radioactive.

4. He’s been getting regularly thumped in the polls AFTER being recognized as the probable nominee.

I don’t actually think it makes any substantial difference who wins, I’m mostly just marveling at the Democratic Party’s ability to shoot itself in the head when presented with the White House on a silver platter. All they had to do was the obvious, but apparently that was just too easy. It will be interesting to see if they move to dump him, particularly after he tried to convince AIPAC that keeping American forces in the Middle East was a bad idea.

The reaction of some of the Obamanations in the comments are pretty amusing. I’m just kind of curious… if he’s not one of the most left-wing members of the Senate, then who is? Left-logic… you have to love it.