The world according to Vox

Beezle finally begins to grok somewhat:

After several months visiting your site I still have no idea what your vision of what the ideal world should be. What about it? A blog post for me “The World According to Vox.” What’s the Vox Day — I won’t say “utopia” since I know that’s a bad word around here — dream world?

You have no idea because no such thing exists. You might with equal reason label me an anti-Panglossan or a hyper-Panglossan, in that my belief that we live in the best of all possible worlds tends to hang on the word “possible” rather than “best”.

One of the most startling things about reading Thucydides or any ancient is how “modern” and “sophisticated” those writers were. While some of their ideas may seem strange to us, one can easily recognize our behavior in theirs and vice-versa. Given what men like this have repetitively recorded of human nature over the millenia, one need only look at the increased centralization of power over the last three centuries to know that there are likely horrors in Man’s future that will dwarf any that have been known before, horrors of a magnitude more akin to the Black Plague and Noah’s Flood than the Great Leap Forward. And already, the Golden Shield rises in China as the Panopticon is constructed in Britain….

Read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and then you will know why I do not think of dream worlds.