FLDS kidnappings: More CPS lies

When Texas child welfare authorities released statistics showing nearly 60 percent of the teen girls taken from a polygamist sect’s ranch were pregnant or had children, they seemed to prove what was alleged all along: The sect commonly pushed girls into marriage and sex. But in the past week, the state has twice been forced to admit “girls” who gave birth while in state custody are actually adults. One was 22 and said she showed state officials a Utah birth certificate shortly after she and more than 400 minors were seized from the West Texas ranch in an April raid….

Child Protective Services has complained that sect members refused to cooperate with their investigation, constantly changing answers or refusing answers to questions about age and parentage. Parker said the state ignored evidence the young mothers presented, including birth certificates and Social Security cards. He said that with their long braided hair, makeup-free faces and pioneer dresses, the women look very young.

Someone is lying… and it sure looks like whoever is lying is doing so in order to cover their posteriors. And note that the number of children kidnapped has now risen to 463… although that will likely fall as it becomes clear that many are not children at all.

Modern Pharisee points out that the age issue also reveals the CPS to have lied about what they observed during the kidnappings. He also notes that it has now cost Texas $10 million to fund the CPS crimes… no doubt that will increase significantly once the FLDS start suing the smack out of the state and its agents. Remember, there’s no protection against liability when an agent of the state can be shown to have committed a crime.

So far, Texas is batting 0.000 on finding pregnant underage girls. I still say it’s HUGELY important (a battle cry no one is picking up on) that it is now shown to have been IMPOSSIBLE that CPS or Sheriffs Department personnel even SAW a “pregnant underage girl” when they entered the ranch. They were down to three, I’ve mentioned this before. One was clearly not showing enough to be “evidence, ” so much so that her pregnancy is disputed and cannot be documented until she takes a pregnancy test, which she has refused. The other two which have to have been the “obviously pregnant” ones, have been shown to be of age.