Theory of Abstract Belief Systems

A new book from Susan Pinker demonstrates a fundamental flaw in the philosophy of the nonexistent, namely, that “equality” appears to be self-refuting:

If Pinker is right, then women who have the luxury of making career choices may actually increase, not decrease, the sexual division of labour. That is certainly what happened in kibbutzes that were studied over four generations, where all choices were freely available to men and women but where, in each generation, men chose to do progressively less childcare and women less construction work.

What does that mean for our current notions of equality? If women choose not to be corporate CEOs, does it matter? How can we find ways to better value what they do decide to do? If women really are more wired for empathy, this also raises questions about what policies are really “family-friendly”. Pinker cites potentially devastating evidence, from one Ivy League university, that male professors use parental leave to do research, while female professors use it to care for children.

He returns with a book, and she with a backlog. So greater equality in family policy could paradoxically discriminate against women.

Equality is, of course, totally absurd. It demonstrably doesn’t exist in any material sense; the irony is that those who insist that God does not exist are quite willing to believe in equality despite the fact that there is far more evidence for the former than the latter. Perhaps we need to consider developing a Theory of Abstract Belief Systems, which states that the further an abstract concept departs from observable reality and available evidence, the less willing its adherents are to endure any criticism from skeptics.

Thus, the sound evidential and experiential nature of Christian doctrine enables most normal Christians to entertain doubts about the faith with equanimity and the sound scientific support for modern physics allows most normal physicists to not be bothered by those postulating bizarre alternative models, but the scientific difficulties of TENS and the total absence of evidence of any kind for equality causes normal evolutionists and feminists to froth at the mouth at the merest suggestion that their abstract beliefs are founded in error.