Modern love

You know, there’s a very amusing parody of Shakespeare practically begging to be written in all of this female angst over getting just what they’ve been demanding from men for so very long:

On our first date he explained his theory of exclusive relationships, which was that they shouldn’t exist. We talked about our (and all of our friends’) divorced parents, about how marriage was nothing but a pragmatic financial venture, and about the last time we cheated on someone. He said that his disregard for monogamy wasn’t a chauvinistic throwback, but quite the opposite: the ultimate nod to feminism.

One can’t help but feel a little sympathy for the obvious confusion of many young women, whose emotional instincts tell them one thing while their educational and social influences are demanding the opposite. Especially because one can almost see the ubiquitous smirk on the faceless parade of young men in this winning New York Times essay, as like one Br’er Rabbit after another, they beg nots to be trown in dat der briar snatch.