La Paglia speaks

She’s also quite sound on the apparent sociopathology of the Lizard Queen.

We have not defeated the “Islamo-fascists” in Iraq; we have simply created more of them around the world by radicalizing an entire generation of young Muslims. There is no finite number of terrorists whom we can neutralize through conventional warfare or a humiliating occupation. Neither do I believe that a genuinely stable democracy is in the near future for Iraq. The murderous ethnic and religious rivalries will seethe on and on, as they have in that region for 5,000 years. Let’s get our troops out of the way and back home where they belong.

You know, whatever happened to all those comparisons about the German and Japanese occupations the neo-cons were making a few years ago? And I haven’t heard a lot of “we are at war” either. Paglia is entirely right about this and the occupation should end today. It should have ended in early 2004. Keep in mind that the Rumsfeldian metric for success from the very start was whether the USA could kill more jihadists than it created. By that measure, the war and occupation is clearly a complete failure, and in retrospect it is quite clear that it was doomed to fail from the start.