Echo Zoe reviews TIA

Sometimes you just have to flow with the positivity:

Overall the book is very strong. I have been following the response to it, which Vox is all too happy to publish on his blog, and have yet to see a compelling rebuttal from the New Atheists or their faithful followers. Many set out to do chapter-by-chapter reviews and end up losing interest at about chapter three. Atheists not being ones who typically like to retreat from a fight, their silence speaks volumes on Vox’s behalf. I foresee his book being the very beginning of a movement that will send the old arguments used by the New Atheists back into darkness until enough time has passed for another generation to drag them out again, as these have done. (It’s an old cycle that keeps coming around full circle, not a set of new arguments that will finally win a centuries-old war.)

While Kelly of the Rational Response Squad is certainly putting in a more manful effort thus far than any of her cowardly atheist counterparts, I have to admit that I have been quite disappointed with the pathetic showing on the part of the self-proclaimed brights. And their insistence that I should have somehow endeavored to make the entirety of my case in the first chapter is bizarre, particularly if you’ve read the first chapter of any of the New Atheist books.