First things first

There’s a bit of sob sisterhood about the terrible burden born by the modern woman in this article, but it’s still interesting to see that in order to have it all, the Compleat Women of the 1980s went about their lives rather differently than the Future Cat Ladies of America are now:

And that, it seems, is the key difference between then and now. Weldon, Kitzinger and Hughes were never conventional working women…. There was no grand plan: they simply got married, had children and worked for a living, albeit not always in the kind of high-powered office-based jobs that women undertake nowadays.

While employment and degrees will always be there, children and men interested in fathering them will not be. It is the height of illogic for a young woman to make a priority of pursuing a degree and a career if having a family is a life objective. Those who find this tremendously complex concept too difficult to accept on its face should take a look at the long-term societal objectives of those who have been encouraging education-first thinking among girls, one of which is to reduce the human population. Then, do the math. If you can.

And if you happen to be a career woman who is deliriously happy with feline companionship and didn’t never nohow need a man in the course of your barren walk to the end of your genetic line, please do us all a favor and have a nice chat with Fluffy and Mr. Tiddles instead of demonstrating your total lack of reading comprehension to everyone here. It’s called an IF-THEN statement, deal with it.