The NFL resists pointless change

Divisions still matter:

No changes appear to be coming in the way NFL teams are seeded in the playoffs. Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that owners today tabled the proposal for re-seeding the playoffs, deciding not to bother taking a formal vote on the issue because the clear consensus of the NFL executives in the room was that it had no chance to pass.

The NFL’s Competition Committee had proposed a change in the way the six playoff teams from each conference are seeded. Instead of guaranteeing all four division winners of at least one playoff home game, the proposal would have allowed a wild card team to host a first-round game if it finished the regular season with a better record than a division winner.

Now that they’ve shot down that bad idea, perhaps they can get around to addressing the absurd rookie pay scale that defeats the entire purpose of the worst-to-first draft order. Fix what is broken, don’t mess around with breaking what is manifestly working very well.