Early adoption lust

Okay, that actually sounds rather creepy, doesn’t it. I don’t care, it describes what I have for this sexy little device, for which I have long been waiting and what I want built into my next Treo after the next one, complete with an improved Intellivision emulator.

Pint-size digital projectors are in the works. These devices, when plugged into cellphones and portable media players, will let consumers beam video content from their hand-held devices to the closest smooth surface — entertaining themselves, annoying their neighbors and possibly contributing to a new warning sign: No Projectors in This Area. The microprojectors, still in prototype, use light-emitting diodes, lasers or a combination of the two to cast a display of up to 50 or 60 inches, or perhaps even wider, in darkened spaces and 7 to 20 inches or so when there is ambient light.

I love projection technology and I hate flatscreens. Don’t ask me why, just know that it is so. And on a totally tangential note, isn’t it about time for a really good new spacefighting sim?