Gutenberg’s revenge

I’m not really familiar with Dane Cook, but Catkiller sends this clip which is pretty amusing, in addition to highlighting the annoyingly reliable social autism of Homo Indeus.

On a tangential note, it occurs to me that since atheists are disproporationately prone to social autism, it’s not hard to understand why so many of them have such a difficult time understanding why they are disliked so intensely by such a wide variety of people. It occurred to me that perhaps I might be able to explain this to them in terms that even the most myopic and self-centered infidel can understand.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that you, the atheist, are completely correct and there is no God. Let us postulate that religion is merely an evolutionary spandrel and religious faith is merely a crutch for the intellectually weak, crippled, and cowardly.

Now, what is the normal human being’s opinion of the sort of individual who would purposefully kick out the crutch from a cripple who is leaning upon it? Indeed, what is your opinion of such an individual?