Celebration and salvation

There is much that we do not understand about Jesus Christ. A baby born of a virgin, an innocent crucified as a criminal, a Prince of Peace come to divide brother from brother. I myself don’t understand the common portrait of the meek, mild and mealy-mouthed Savior, when the man of whom we read in the Bible is massively self-confident, brutally sarcastic and possessed of enough strength of character to empty a Temple with the force of his rage.

In one of history’s great metaphors, Paul tells us that now we see through a glass darkly. But even through that obscured glass, we see enough of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, that our hearts and minds are stirred to follow Him, each in our own clumsy and faltering way. As He warned it would, the world mocks what it does not understand and kills what it fears and hates. Let it look on in bewilderment, scorn and fear again today, as Christians around the world once more celebrate together the Resurrection of Our Lord and His victory over the grave. For history has shown that there are few words more lasting or powerful than those four simple words of celebration and salvation.

He is risen. Alleluia.