Math is hard

Gail Collins doesn’t understand the basics of sex:

This is what happens when a bunch of guys go to a place where their families can’t keep tabs on them. Of course, there are women in Albany — about a quarter of the lawmakers, although very few with any significant power. But the political culture, incubated over several centuries, is about guys on a road trip. The best argument for electing more women to State Legislatures might be that they put a damper on the fun.

Or, far more likely, this would lead to significantly more scandals since in addition to more female politicians, there would be more female staffers, interns, and lobbyists, since women generally prefer to surround themselves with women. Adding more women into the equation, and therefore creating more opportunities for sexual contact, isn’t terribly likely to reduce the incidence of sexual activity. One would think this conclusion would be totally obvious since the very scandal Ms Collins cites was an affair between the new governor of New York and an employee in the governor’s office. By Collin’s reasoning, if only more women had worked in that office, Mr. Paterson would have found it easier to resist temptation.

Chick logic… I’m never sure if I find it more amusing or appalling.