This is how you do it

Don’t sue for access to the old and broken system. Don’t have anything to do with it! Replace it with something new and better instead:

An estimated two million children are schooled at home, and only 18 states have laws that grant them access to athletic teams at public schools. So it was perhaps inevitable that home-school programs and tournaments developed.

“As the home-school movement has gotten older, there has been much more demand for extracurricular activities,” said Ian M. Slatter, a spokesman for the Home School Legal Defense Association. “Parents had already crossed the hurdle of educating children at home, so now they have turned their energy and resources to athletics.”

Homeschooling shows how it is possible to create a new elite that is not only capable of competing with the conventional elite, but able to entirely supercede it. And we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what technology can do to aid in this effort.

Ironically, what’s been created here is similar to the organization of European sports, where there is no link between education and sports club. One can play for the same club all one’s life, indeed, one’s team affiliation can be far more socially important than one’s school affiliation. Few of the people in our village have any idea what I do, but even those I’ve never met know which club I play and coach for.