Riding the big wave

It’s a lot less fun going down than it is going up:

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people who live in the real world to communicate with those who don’t, and there is an increasing number of those who don’t just simply because most people believe what they are told and the lies they are being told are now monumental. Astronomical in size. That’s one of those universal rules about human beings; the majority will always go along with whatever you tell them. That’s just the way it always has been and always will be. All good propagandists know that.

For those who do think for themselves and live in the real world however, everything that is happening today has been entirely predictable and even expected. I mean, the corporate media will say “no one ever saw this” or “they never saw that” and really the case is they just choose not to have those people appear.

This is one reason why I haven’t written much on economics for the last few years. The dichotomy between what is and what is reported probably hasn’t been this great since the Soviet Union lost control of its newspapers.

By the way, I think it’s too soon to short gold even for the traders. I was thinking we were getting close, but based on my estimates, there’s another 100-115 to go, depending on how fast we get there. R-DMA 200 is only at 1.29, it was 1.4 at the 6 May 06 peak. Of course, it only took eight trading days to get there from 1.27, so a decent opportunity may be presenting itself soon.