The relevant math

Delegates: Obama, 1,187; Clinton, 1,035.5.
Superdelegates: Obama, 188; Clinton, 241.5.

Total delegates: Obama 1,375, Clinton 1,277

Texas Primary: 67 delegates
Texas Caucus: 126 delegates
Ohio Primary: 161 delegates

Nomination: 2,025 delegates

Obviously neither the Magic Negro nor the Lizard Queen can win via elected delegates alone, hence all of the righteous democratic posing by the Obama crew. This is why it’s a mistake to put too much weight on the electoral action taking place on March 4th and why there’s no reason for the Lizard Queen to quit regardless of whether she wins Texas and Ohio or not, even if one assumes she was the least bit inclined to allow the opinions of others to impose ny limits on her ambitions in the first place.

The Democratic nomination, and almost surely the Presidency as well, therefore comes down to which campaign has the ability to exert muscle behind the scenes. And while Obama has shown a facility for making his opponents mysteriously disappear in the past, (see Jeri Ryan), it hardly rivals that of Team Clinton.