Mailvox: the perils of Pakistan

EN doesn’t see peace ahead:

Pay attention to Pakistan. I don’t know anyone in the country these days, but Paki expats living in Fremont, CA have been telling me all along that Bhutto was assassinated because she betrayed the US (who pressured Musharref into allowing her back into the country) by starting to distance herself from Bush and the GWOT. I’m not saying we pulled the trigger, but there’s many ways “not” do it, and still do it. Turning our backs on her and making it known to all involved would be the best way. I do not believe that anyone in the AQ-T had anything to do with it. If they did they would have proclaimed it immediately and gained much favor with their mostly misogynistic base. If we lose the support of the Pakis the war in Afghanistan is lost. We’ve alienated Russia and the rest of the Stans and it won’t take much to make them drop their support of us. Anyone who’s paying attention will tell you that everyone is tired of US bribes. Pride is a large factor in foreign relations and we’ve managed to treat everyone like whores. Time grows short.

The speed with which Bhutto has disappeared from the media also causes me to conclude that al Qaeda was not involved in any way. I’ve always assumed it was a bold move by Musharref.