Killing the kids Americans won’t kill

We’re supposedly in Iraq because 3,000 Americans were killed seven years ago. Meanwhile, Americans are being killed every day because George Bush refuses to stop the Mexican invasion:

Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien…. The school bus was carrying 28 students. Cottonwood Fire Chief Dale Louluagie confirmed that 3 fatalities of the crash died immediately upon impact and the fourth victim died around 8 p.m. Tuesday night.


* Hunter Javens, 9, Cottonwood.

* Jesse Javens, 13, Cottonwood

* Emilee Olson, 9, Cottonwood

* Reed Stevens, 12, Marshall

“Morales” was an illegal alien who couldn’t be bothered to pay any more attention to stop signs than immigration laws. If Americans wish to keep their country, they need to deport all the Mexicans, Somalis, Cubans, Saudi Arabians and other foreign nationals who are fast turning the country into the same sort of third world country from which they came. There simply isn’t an alternative.