I have no idea what this is about

But it sure made me laugh:

Don Chenoweth, you should stop spamming the women at the Dallas Morning News, asking them if they’re “one of Rod Dreher’s sluts.” Nobody here appreciates it, you troll.

I’ve taken the entry from yesterday down because no one should have to read through the over 100 entries to follow the discussion about how the use of the term “slut” is regarded by different people, and how I expressed regret over having used it.

It reminds me of how all the Russian call girls around town became collectively known as “Big D’s girls” a few years ago. Big D is still a little taken aback by that. Good times.

To be honest, I find myself kind of tempted to call the DMR and ask to speak to one of Rod Dreher’s sluts, just to see who they transfer me to.