Patience, godless grasshopper

Deacon Duncan gets busted:

Apparently Vox Day has not only noticed one of my posts about The Irrational Atheist, he has re-posted it, verbatim, on his discussion forum. The whole thing. With no reply.

And yet, with a link to the original post…. Actually, I don’t think such a painstaking effort should be ignored and I intend to respond in excruciating detail once he finishes working his way through the book. I only put up the first bit up so I don’t completely forget about it before he wraps up the next 13 chapters. His take on it is certainly somewhat unusual. I could be wrong, but so far, he seems to be under the general impression that my entire argument is based on innuendo. But, as those who have read a bit further in well know, I don’t bother with innuendo, I just come right out and say it.

I’ll be surprised, but pleased if he makes it all the way through. It’s been interesting to see how those who initially announced their intention of doing a chapter-by-chapter review seem to mysteriously grind to a halt somewhere between chapter two and chapter three… which is precisely when the setup ends and the more serious shots start getting fired.

Speaking of this, here’s another example of an atheist reviewer who is so upset about the disrespect that I show to his heroes that he can’t even make it to the SECOND chapter. Imagine his reaction if a Christian dismissed The God Delusion because he concluded that the whole book obviously isn’t about anything but ALBERT freaking EINSTEIN! Bonus points if you can count the obvious errors in his review of Chapter One.

Amusingly enough, Arizona Atheist tries the Sam Harris defense:

Of course, as he did with his book and the “new atheists”, he completely misrepresents me and my review. Though, judging from his book that’s nothing new for him. He claims that I make a ton of mistakes? That’s laughable…

No, not a ton, I counted 18. But it’s possible that I may have missed a few.