If you want an early download

And don’t mind mucking about with markup languages and all that, I could use a volunteer to do the .pdb version and another to tackle the .lit. I’ve already got a crude .pdb together sans footnotes and italics, but I doubt I’ll get around to the .lit since the copy of Readerworks Standard I downloaded isn’t permitting the importation of OpenOffice-generated Word format files. (Tries to remember why he cares about Microsoft Reader anyhow… right, this is not the time for techno-snobbery.)

The PDF and RTF versions are good to go, however, so if people want to convert it into other, more obscure etext formats, the means to do so are there.

It occurs to me that in yesterday’s interview, I forgot to mention my other reason for making the ebook downloads available to all and sundry. The downloads eliminate the atheist critic’s main excuse for not reading the book before criticizing it. No one will be able to hide behind a disinclination to fund my lavish lifestyle when there is no need to do so in order to read the book; this should help expose the spurious ones of the sort we’ve seen already.

UPDATE – AD says he’ll tackle the .LIT. If you want to volunteer for the PDB, do it here, please don’t email.