A dialogue auf Deutsch

The Mad Aussie simply can’t resist a chance to chaff the Chermans:

German 1: “What does he mean by hilarious?”

German 2: “They call it laughing, they laugh.”

German 1: “Laughing?”

German 2: “They use it to mock us.”

German 1: “They must die.”

German 2: “We must wait. Let them laugh. They can laugh. They will not laugh when we finish with our grand plan.”

German 1: “I do not like the laughing.”

That made me laugh, but it’s not the funniest thing I’ve ever read about Jamie, though. The funniest thing I ever read about Jamie wasn’t anything that he wrote, but when I received an email a few years ago from a critic to whose post I had responded and linked. Jamie had followed the link and posted a few of his characteristicly quixotic comments on the humor-impaired critic’s site, which led to the following email showing up in my Inbox: “Who is this guy Jamie? I can’t understand a single thing he writes. Is he crazy?”

To which I answered in the affirmative, of course. And since we’re talking about Jamie, I leave you with an item from his very useful and informative Global Report:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday the challenges facing Colombia will only get harder if a trade deal with Washington doesn’t pass, as she met with union members during a visit to try to revive the pact. The union members want regulations and restrictions in the USA removed from some of their goods, specifically, cocaine.