Agnostics on atheists

Agnostics are notorious for their shrug and let live philosophy. But as I pointed out in The Irrational Atheist, despite their admitted godlessness, they tend to regard theists with puzzled bemusement while viewing atheists, with whom they superficially appear to have far more in common, with a mix of embarrassment and unadulterated horror:

Mike Maier is impressed by the agnostic JQP’s heartfelt rant about the tiresome irrationalities and annoyingly illogical assertions of far too many atheists:

Screw it. This nonsense pisses me off to no end. It just isn’t enough that everyone has to deal with the arrogant self-smug pablum that constantly drips off their chin like a bad case of the clap; it’s that they pull this moronic mystic [vulgarity deleted] on top that really makes you want to put on some brass knuckles and [sexual practice deleted] them….

You Christians wanted proof of evolution? Right there. Right [sexual gerund deleted] there. That’s Darwin’s missing link standing there with their brain around their ankles [sexual act deleted] his corpse.

If the worst thing that can be said about you people here is that follow the moral code of some unprovable man whose most notable accomplishment was to get his corpse stolen then so be it. At least y’all understand science.

You really have to read the whole thing. It’s simply beautiful in its pure, unadulterated fury and contempt.