The begging that Brits won’t do

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry over Englishmen who won’t work complaining about immigrants who won’t work using up all the social services:

“I went to a food van yesterday for a sandwich and all I got was a cup of tea and crust of bread. There wasn’t enough to go round because the foreigners had all turned up. I got there 10 minutes late the other night and the food was nearly all gone. It never used to be like that. I get angry when they eat one meal then ditch their plate and go round for seconds, leaving nothing for latecomers.”

Then Alex reveals how groups of Poles and Slovaks gang up to attack the Brits and drive them from the most lucrative begging spots.

The Social Welfare state will not survive. It cannot. So, it’s mostly a matter of deciding whether to trash it before it crashes or trying to pick up the pieces afterwards. Thanks to women’s suffrage and the large “feel-bad” vote, we can rest assured that it’s the crash scenario that’s in the cards for everyone.