Ron Paul Reverberation

Even the Associated Press is paying attention now:

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s supporters raised over $6 million Sunday to boost the 10-term Texas congressman’s campaign for the White House. Called a “Money Bomb,” the goal was to raise as much money as possible on the Internet in one day. The campaign’s previous fundraiser brought in $4.2 million.

What they didn’t mention is that not only did the Tea Party fund-raising dwarf that of the Guy Fawkes Day money bomb, but it broke John Kerry’s single-day fund-raising record of $5.7 million. Well done, all of you who helped make it happen.

Ron Paul has proven that there are still Americans interested in freedom and human liberty. He’s shocked the political pundits with the fervor of his support and his ability to raise money for the campaign, now it’s time for the people to shock the pollsters when the votes start counting.