Mailvox: short and to the point

I can only assume that Rg was referring to today’s column:

You are not only insane but evil!!!

I have to admire his ability to be so succinct, anyhow. JW, on the other hand, asks a relevant question:

It’s clear you don’t like Bush, and that’s fine. There are many things to be disappointed about with this administration. You’ve written fine columns giving us your valid reasons for not supporting him. But in this latest column I have to wonder if you have finally let your personal feelings color your judgment. How can Bush simultaneously be the idiot that can’t even speak English, and the evil genius that was able to fool most of the country and a lot of the western world into going to war to satisfy his insatiable lust for power? Next you’ll tell us you have determined once and for all that George W. Bush masterminded the 9/11 attacks.

The problem with this apparent dichotomy is that speaking ability is not intelligence. I don’t believe Bush is stupid, far from it. His military records show that he was smarter than John Kerry, with an IQ of around 115 to 120. In fact, many people who are much more intelligent than a single SD above the norm don’t speak very well, I’m not particularly eloquent on the radio myself.

But I don’t believe Bush is a grand mastermind either. The central point of the column was to remind everyone of how he was once supposed to be the heir to Reagan, and how he has fallen far short of that in office.